• While planning to decorate for your celebration, please use the following guidelines and answers to our most frequently asked questions:

  • Please do not arrive earlier than 11 am to decorate. Time is needed for us to prepare for your arrival and we cannot allow entry before then.

  • Please do not hang, tie, or attach decorations of any kind from the ceiling, curtain rods, fairy lights, walls, windows, cabinets, bar or bookcases or move or remove existing restaurant decor. No thumbtacks, pushpins, staples, tape of any kind, 3M strips, etc. All of these things cause damage and we ask that you respect our property as you would expect a guest to respect yours while in your home. Please be sure to ask a Barone's employee if you are unsure if something is permitted before doing it. Violating this policy will result in a $50 fee for each and every violation.

  • Banners can be attached to cake or gift table linens by using scotch tape only.

  • Please do not bring large items such as chairs, photo/flower wall, ballroom arches, donut walls & large easels. We do not have an open empty space like banquet halls do and need to be able to serve your guests safely and efficiently. The cost of repair, damage or injury incurred by or to large decor will be the responsibility of the host. Walkways and doorways must remain clear.

  • Please do not bring ballons filled with glitter or confetti. Most times they do not even make it through the door without popping and creating a huge mess. Ballons need to be neatly deflated or taken with you at the end of your event. Please do not tie ballons to tables, chairs or restaurant decor. Please have them attached to ballon weights or weighted decorations. Confetti of any kind is not permitted.

  • If you would like to use candles in addition to ours, please use only battery operated candles.

  • Flowers and/or centerpieces are not provided and should be small in size to insure there is room for the food, glassware, smallwares and dinnerware that wil be on the table.

  • We do not provide access to power outlets. Music, DJ's, photo booths, projectors and tv's are not permitted.

  • You are welcome to print menu cards to be placed on the table in addition to being verbally provided by your server. Descriptions of your selection can be found on our website at Barone'

  • You are welcome to decorate the bookshelves as well as your gift, wine and cake tables with framed photos or similar freestanding decor to personalize the room.

  • Carafes, juice and garnishes are not provided. Containers for leftover cake or outside food are not provided and cannot be purchased from us due to the current shortages that we are experiencing. Please bring containers for any outside food that you would like to send home with your guests.

  • Please remember to remove and discard all decorations at the conclusion of your event. Please insure that helpers do not accidentally remove restaurant decor while packing up decorations.

Please read through your banquet agreement as well as our FAQ's. Both are located under "Banquets" on our website at Please be sure to contact us at anytime with any additional questions!